JRuby Slick

Thought I'd write a quick post about this gem I've been crafting. I released a first version maybe a month or so ago. Essentially what it does is provide you a really simple command line utility to download and extract the dependencies for using the Slick2d library, and sets up an example.rb file to load it in JRuby. There are some tasks for it to be complete though. For example the main slick repo does not come with x64 binaries. Not so much an issue on OS X, but it is on windows. So presently using the gem on windows does not work if you are using the a 64bit version of windows. You can still use it, but you will need to put the binaries in the bin folder manually. The binaries I refer to are for the LWJGL that slick uses. If you need to grab the x64 binaries, check out their download page.

Another problem exists in detecting the platform. I can detect windows for example, but currently there's no distinction between 32 and 64 bit, as i mostly just see mswin come up in the RbConfig::CONFIG['target_os'] value. Can see the repo for the gem here.

Feel free to make pull requests for the gem, as I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to work on it any time soon. To install it, simply run gem install jruby-slick. You can install it and run the gem in MRI, but just keep in mind that to run the app you will need to use JRuby since Slick is a Java based libary.