My Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online

I don't normally post about games, and what I think of them, as I'm not a journalist. But since the NDA was lifted and I played a bit of the beta, I just wanted to voice my opinion on it.

I feel like the environmental backdrop and the art used makes it feel like an elderscrolls game. However, I found that having other people run around all the time kind of ruins the experience for me.

Think of Skyrim or Oblivion, where you might enter stealth, patiently approach a couple enemies to do a backstab. Then imagine another person running up and attacking them with a sword. Or shooting a spell. The problem is it breaks the immersion.

Controls & Feel

I feel like these are done decently well. I'm not too fond of some of the defaults, but that's what rebinding is for. Like in Skyrim (and maybe oblivion, I can't remember) you can switch between first and third person views. I've always preferred first person in the Elder Scrolls series, but in an MMO anyone using third person will simply have an advantage over first person players. So you can pretty much toss first person out the window, unless you're willing to deal with the limitation.

The feel of combat is good though. You still do full aiming and clicking to swing your weapon. Abilities trigger instantly, at least the ones ive used. A bow ability will instantly fire an arrow, where as a regular attack will draw the arrow slowly, and release when you release the mouse button.


I think they had a lot of ambition and a very high bar making an MMO under The Elder Scrolls brand. But it just doesnt meet the usual feelings I get when I play a game like Skyrim. So for now, I'd rather save my pennies, not worry about a monthly subscription, and continue to play Guild Wars 2 instead.