Snowball Effect - dev updates

I really need to update more often on this project. I've done some experimenting with the game on making it infinite. I found that had little merit, so ditched the idea and decided to stick with levels.

I am aiming to have 3-4 levels in it before I launch it on both the iOS App store, and Google Play.

Feature updates

  • Fixed a bug on iOS mobile safari where the snowball would disappear
  • Made minor speed changes to level one. It now progresses a bit slower on difficulty.
  • Level two has been added. It spawns two fire traps, leading to more rapidly occuring hazards.
  • Skiers added as a target in level two.
  • Level selection menu after pressing start:
Level selection menu

Level selection menu

You can play the current development version with a modern browser here.

Still to come, is setting up level three. I have a few things I hope to add to level three:

  • Slower speed, but more hazards
  • Add a second hazard type that is a bit larger, with higher damage, but spawns rarely.
  • Terrain/button press jumps. The ability to jump over smaller hazards is something I'd like to put in.

Thanks for reading!