Snowball v2

A little bit ago I decided to take a break from the stealth prototype, and revisit my snowball game to make it good.

I have a game out on ios already, and you can play it on in your browser here: I decided to re-visit it as I feel like I can make it a much better game. What i've done so far is got rid of the level system, and I'm going towards an infinite runner. Where instead of having a max length of a slope, you just keep going. Slowly getting bigger. As you collide into things, you fill up a skill bar. You can use this resource to have snowmen launch themselves at fire pits. I have other ideas as well for things like jumping, putting an ice shield on you, etc. The dev version is available here:

If you hit too many fire pits, or other traps and get to small, game over. The idea is to keep growing and stay alive as long as possible.

Another major flaw with the game is the fact the backdrop is not all that interesting. So something I am working on now is making it more dynamic. Instead of a static image, im going about implementing a 3d feel similar to retro car/racing games. What i have so far:

The trees still need to be redone. But i have the collidable objects rendering on the slope. The calculations still need some adjustment. Once I have that right, I can update the trees to render along side the slope properly, and add terrain to the side as well.

From there add things like curves, and and down hill, etc.