Submitting your CocoonJS xcode project

As per my twitter, I ran into some issues with trying to validate my CocoonJS game. I'm sure there are some better ways to do it from what Ludei gives you, but I eventually managed to solve it by doing the following:

While I had uploaded an icon to Ludei's dev portal, I had the necessary files on my local machine as well. If you have them, be sure they follow the naming convention here: If you don't have them, simply:

  1. right-click on the xcodeproject file that you downloaded from ludei.
  2. Click Show File Contents
  3. Browse into appData
  4. Copy the Icon* image files into a local directory

Now that you have your icons named properly, copy them to the same folder as your xcode project file. You can have them in antoher folder here, but keep them in the project folder.

In xcode, you need to add the files to your project & build process:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Add Files to "Project Name"
  3. Select the image files.
  4. Click on your project target on the left side.
  5. Under general, App Icons, you should see the icons unfullfilled with a caution sign. Depending on your deployment targets, you'll need to provide an image for the various sizes. Refer to the above link for the necessary sizes. Add the images from the project.
  6. Click Build Phases
  7. Click the + at the top (above target dependencies for me)
  8. Click New Copy Files Build Phase
  9. Leave the options as they are, and press the plus button.
  10. Select the image files/folder.

Now you're ready. Be sure to test the application by deploying it your device. Ludei gives a pretty good guide on setting up your provisioning profile and deploying to your device here:

Once you're ready, go to the product menu, and click "Archive". This creates the .ipa file, and makes it all set to go for uploading.

The organizer will open (Press CMD+Shift+2) if it doesn't. And be sure you see your icon besize the project name. Then press validate, and follow the wizard.

You want to make sure the validator gives you zero warnings & zero errors before you Distribute it to the app store.

Hope this helps, as this was a pretty big pain point for me,