Working on art, level design, it's tricky stuff

Kudos to all you artists and designers out there. I know it's a tricky skill and takes years to develop, but I have even more respect for you after trying to make my own assets for Search For Hope. A short, 2D platformer that I am working on.

I haven't published my latest changes to my site because I like my deploys of games to be somewhat stable. But here are some visual updates that I've done.

The background for the intro now has some smoke/dark clouds above to hopefully give a more eerie atmosphere. I also added the cracks to the buildings/windows to show more destruction. I find this kind of challenging, as one really needs solid imagery to go with when they don't have the practice.

I updated some of the existing tiles, and added a few new ones. Mainly the dark gray rock tiles to have different shapes & edges to give it that more organic look for the underground. Again pretty simple art here, just trying to get by until I really get the game fledget out.

You'll notice a few lighter pieces in the middle. Those haven't been updated yet, but the theme of them is still accurate. The overall idea is that the further down you go, the better and more positive the scenery gets. And it keeps improving that way until you find the character a new home.