The Snowball Effect

Snowball Effect is a free to play mobile game where you try to make it as far as possible. Run over objects to gain energy. Use energy to mitigate damage. Avoid objects like fire pits and snowplows that will hurt you. Find coins to buy items to better your chance at survival.

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Done in the syle of classic racing games, you navigate up and down hills, around sharp corners, avoiding obstacles, and coliding into resources to make it as far as you can.



Collect coins to buy items from the shop to enhance your survivability. The super ability (pictured) allows you to crush everything in sight.



If you want something different from the default snowball, try out one of the skins available, like this retro-style pixel art ball.

About Me

My name is Aaron McLeod, I'm a software developer living in Toronto, Canada. I've been working on small game projects in spare time since 2013. My overall goal is to build the games that I want to play, have fun making them, and learn something new in the process.

I have a full time job as a Software Engineer at TWG, but love using my free time to experiment and build something cool. Try out new things, and see what sticks. Overall I look to make fairly fast paced action games, with either a mix of mechanics, or execution that I have yet to find available to me otherwise.